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polyamide glass cloth laminated
3253 Polyamide glass cloth laminated sheet

It is created from KH550 glass cloth with alkali-free that has been impregnated with polyamide resin under pressure. heat and rolling. The thermal grade is class h insulation. With excellent electrical. Physical and mechanical property, thermal-resistant, radiation-proof. Used for the insulating slots. windings. gaskets of the dry-type transformer /mine transformer/ railway transformer/traction motor/areomotor/electrical equipment etc.
polyamide glass cloth laminated, polyamide glass cloth laminateds

Sheets: thickness 0.5-200mm size:1000X2000mm

Technical data

No specification unit index

1 flexural strength at room temperature >= 400

Perpendicular to Mpa

Lamination 180 +- 5 oC >= 280

2 notch impact strength parallel to lamination charpy kj/m2 >= 50

3 electrical strength parallel to lamination KV >= 35

4 insulation resistance parallel to lamination after wet m Ω >= 1X10 2

5 dissipation factor at 1MHz after wet <= 0.03

6 permittivity at 1MHz after wet <= 5.5

thickness for 0.5mm <= 25

thickness for 2.0mm <= 32

7 water absorption thickness for 5.0mm <= 45

Thickness for 10.0mm <= 70
polyamide glass cloth laminated, polyamide glass cloth laminateds

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