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We are a professional Manufacturer of Irrigation Products, high-conductity thermal aluminum based copper clad sheet, Thermal insulations, Seals, ELECTRIAL SULATION material, Plastic, Aluminum and Glass packaging. As a mutual group enterprise, we can, therefore, guarantee to provide our customers with competitiveprices, prompt delivery and different products. Most of our products, high-conductity thermal aluminum based copper clad sheets are widely distributed to more than 70 countries &. Areas.
High-conductity thermal Aluminum based copper clad sheet
High-conductity thermal Aluminum based copper clad sheet

High-conductity thermal Aluminum based copper clad sheet
Advantage:More high-conductivity and longer service time which compared to the normal and mainly be used for the high-power circuits which have high requirements of good heat dissipation.
Application:Hybrid-Power IC;Audio Equipment;Input and output amplifier; Balance amplifier;Audio Amplifier;Preamplife Power Amplifier and so on. Communication equiment; High-frequency increaser; Filter Circuit and Transmitter Circuit.Office automation equipment:Motor Driver and so onMotor Car:Electronics Regulator;Ignition; Power Controller and so on. LED Lighting :High-power LED Lights,LED Curtain Wall and so on.
Copper Foil: 1 μm;2 μm;3 μm;4 μm;6 μm
Peel Strength(Min): 1.9 N/mm.
Break-down Voltage(Min): 2.1 KV.
Heat Resistance(Min): 0.8 ℃/W
Dielectric Constant (Max)1MHz:3.8
Surface resistance:5.0x109 M Ω. C-96/35/90 2.0x108MΩ.
Bulkresistance:2.0x109MΩ.m C-96/35/90 5.0x108MΩ.m
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