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OMEN Industrial CO.,Ltd was established in 2005, which is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality products covering the area of Agriculture Irrigation,Building Materials, and Water Treatment in China. It belongs to Ningbo Leadwin International Trade Co.Ltd., Our products include Plastic Valves, PVC Pipe and Fittings, HDPE Pipe and fittings, PP Fittings, PVC Water Hoses, Drip tape and other products concerning the above mentioned areas.

Our company covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with our headquarters located in the southeast port city of Ningbo, it enjoys very convenient water, land, and air transportation, and it needs about 2 hours’ drive to the city of Shanghai. We have strong and energetic teams of R&D, designing. QA, sales, marketing, shipment and customer service. We have 8 different production departments and 500 employees including 40 professional technicians at present. Therefore, we guarantee that we provide our customers with competitive prices, prompt delivery, high quality and good service.

With many years of export experience, computerized equipment and strict quality control, all our plants have been ISO9001&ISO2000 certified. Our products are widely distributed to Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia. Moreover, we have gained high reputations from our customers at home and abroad!

In our Logo, there are 5 "L", which refer to "Lead, Lucidity, Lion, Liability, Liberal ".With "Win-win, Exceed, Innovate" as our management philosophy, We have the good intention to establish good relationships with friends all over the World!

We warmly invite you to visit us or contact us directly. We are sure that you will find one or more items that attract you!

We are looking forward to cooperating with you and seeking joint development. Your related inquiry will get a prompt response.

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TEL : +86-574-88183823,88183859,83030723,83036723 E-mail :
FAX : +86-574-56664782, 83030721
Mobile: +86-18067300022
Our Products
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electrial sulation material, asbestos gasket sheet, asbestos joint sheet, ball valve, BMI glass cloth laminated, carbon fiber, carbon fiber braided packing, ceramic fiber, ceramic fiber cloth, double union, glass fiber, drip Plastic Valves & Fittings, envelop gasket, faucet, fiberglass netting, fiberglass tape, ceramic fiber yarn, flexible composite, gate valve, gland packing, glass fiber rope, glass fiber yarn, hose coupling, hose nozzle, imine film, impulse sprinkler, insulation material, kevlar braided packing, lawn sprinkler, metal sprinkler, nomex paper, non asbestos gasket sheet, non asbestos sheet, nozzle, o-ring, phenolic laminated, pistol, plastic faucet, polyamide glass cloth laminated, polyester film, ptfe sheet, ptfe yarn, pvc valve, shower filter, silicone glass cloth laminated, sprayer, sprinker, TS flange, union
Contact person: Sunne Feng (General Manager)    Email:
Phone : +86-574-88183823, 88183859, 83030723, 83036723    Fax : +86-574-56664782, 83030721     Mobile : +86-18067300022
Address :1-2F, Building 2, 58 Fengqi Road, Yinzhou, Ningbo, China. 315100
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